Welcome to McNally Art

Welcome !

 Patty McNally“naturally sweet, locally grown”

Patty McNally is a nature loving native Oregonian living in Portland and working as a full-time graphic designer, illustrator, fine artist and author.


With one foot firmly planted in the Fine Art landscape and the other dancing in the Digital world, designs with an intriguing balance of both. Highly-skilled in a variety of hand-rendered styles and techniques, plus expert in Photoshop and Illustrator, is able to interpret original artwork into impactful design. Takes on the new with curiosity and enthusiasm, while applying proven know-how to produce fresh, creative and thoughtful work.


Fine Art, Watercolor and Illustration

Surface Design and Textile Prints

Graphic Design

Photoshop and Illustrator Expertise

Apparel Product Graphic Design

Giftware and Tableware


Graphics Organized, Timely and Prolific




Image“you know what they say aboout idle hands…”

Looking over my work in general
one would think I was born with a paintbrush in one hand, a garden trowel in the other, and muddy boots on both feet. Growing up in Portland, Oregon with it’s arty/earthy vibe has definitely rubbed off on me.

This happy marriage of a love of
nature and a talent for a variety of painting and illustration styles is the base for most all my designs.
Add a little whimsy and a dose of fun
and there you have it!

Cute or serious, Patty’s work has been gracing products and projects
for clients as diverse as Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Lucy Activewear, Fred Meyer/Kroeger, Carol Wilson Fine Arts, Sahalie/Norm Thompson, and GrayCo, to name a few.
Stationery and Scrapbooking, Graphic Tees and Apparel, Giftware and Holiday,
Murals, Fine Art or Caricature…she’s done it.


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