Looking at Patty McNally’s work one would think she was born with a paintbrush in one hand, a garden trowel in the other and muddy boots on both feet.  Being born, bred and currently living in Portland, Oregon with it’s arty/earthy vibe has definitely rubbed off on her.  The happy marriage of her love of nature and her talent for a variety of painting and illustration styles is the base for most of her design.  Add a little whimsy and a dose of fun and there you have it!

Cute or serious, Patty’s work has been gracing products and projects for clients as diverse as Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Lucy, Fred Meyer/Kroeger, Carol Wilson Fine Arts and GrayCo, to name a few.  Stationery and greeting cards, graphic tees and apparel, giftware and Holiday, murals, fine art or caricature…she’s done it.

PENTAX Image patty mcnally signature


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